The Apiary – Buzzing into 2017

An apiary – what’s an apiary?

What is an apiary? You could say it is a “bee yard”. A place where a number of honey bee hives are located. Why would someone want to raise honeybees? The simple answer would be that they provide honey! But they provide much more than that to someone like me. I am constantly amazed at the engineering feats of these small, hardworking insects.

I could spend hours watching the honey bees fly in and out of their hive. Out they fly, do their little wiggle fly to get their GPS location, and off they go! Back they come, their pockets full of yellow, orange, and other colors of pollen. But the guards are waiting! The honey bee must pass inspection! A “pat down” to ensure that she (these hard working foragers are all female) is a resident of the hive, and not a neighboring rival, before being allowed to enter. What fun can be had be watching them in action!

As the new year bee-gins, enjoy the following quote to kick-off 2017:

Honey Bee in the Apiary
The Honey Bee

“There is only one real reason to keep bees, and that is because they are fascinating. If you just want honey, make friends with a beekeeper.”   – Australia beekeeper, Adrian the Bee Man

On another note, enjoy this article featuring the artistic abilities of the honey bee. Maybe I will try this in 2017?:

Artist Fixes Damaged Object By Placing Them in Beehives

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2017.

May all your bees keep buzzing! – Lynanne